• Strong by fusion
    iDste intelligent fusion information terminal

    Adapt to a variety of classroom scenarios, meet customized needs, and serve more than 3,000 + schools

    Strong by fusion
    Strong by fusion
Adhere to High-level R&D Investment
Adhere to providing reliable, practical, and efficient intelligent systems, products, and solutions for frontline schools
  • An intelligent fusion terminal builds a high-energy intelligent classroom

    • Simple Operation: 1 core terminal integration of 8 kinds of equipment function use and maintenance less, simple, save.

    • High Energy and Easy to Use: human-computer interaction design, suitable for use habits; A number of business one click, easy to get started.

    • High Energy and Easy to Control: cloud platform targeting smart campus management just need; Support multi-system centralized control, big data display, group management.

  • Recording and broadcasting classroom construction program one machine integration recording and broadcasting system

    • Light Deployment, One Click to Open Live Recording and Broadcasting Mode: Ideast recording and broadcasting classroom only needs to be equipped with two 4K HD cloud mirror cameras in TM-03 or NC-03 smart classroom, one click to open live recording mode, easily record PPT blackboard picture, teacher lecture picture, student lecture picture, recording resources can be retained.

    • Easy to Operate and Realize Real-time Sharing of Teaching Resources: with the integration system support platform, the classroom situation can also be shared to other classrooms, and it can be easily watched through the network on the mobile phone, effectively solving the problem of limited school space and teaching resources.

  • The campus digital broadcasting system is stable and easy to play

    • Stable and Clear: digital signal broadcasting, small delay, smooth broadcasting, first-class sound quality.

    • Convenient Application: network transmission, audio transmission farther; No need for independent networking, lower construction cost; Easier to scale based on network.

    • Integration Easy Management: humanized interaction design, simple and easy to use, more equipped with integration system support platform, support multi-system integration of intelligent management and control.

  • Multimedia equipment centralized control system Intelligent centralized control one-click class

    • Intelligent Centralized Control: intelligent management of classroom computers, projectors, large-screen machines, etc., support setting scenario mode management. It can force push audio, video and graphic information in regular groups, automatically switch equipment, support remote operation and maintenance, and do not need to inspect equipment in advance.

    • Multi-brand Docking: Through the network protocol can be connected to different brands of different models of electrical education equipment (classroom computers, projectors, large screen all-in-one).

    • Remote Control Save Time and Worry: remote switch equipment through computer background/small program /app to achieve remote control operation and maintenance.

  • Wireless digital PA system one division one wheat portable sound amplification

    • Portable Wireless Microphone: 2.4G wireless transmission, support collar clip or lanyard, free sound amplification everywhere in the classroom, anti-whistling.

    • Intelligent Anti-loss: After the device is turned off, the microphone is returned to the voice reminder, and the microphone is automatically locked after being returned, easy to manage and anti-loss.

    • High-fidelity Sound Reinforcement: horn design, the use of class D full frequency amplifier, true restoration of human voice and music.

  • Video direct retransmission system one-click convenient direct retransmission

    • Easy to Build Anywhere: Connect a camera, easy to build a campus radio station everywhere, all kinds of space activities can be live broadcast.

    • Visual Operation: Support local preview, high-definition touch Settings, digital tuning, so that direct broadcast work more convenient.

    • One-click Direct Relay: Support one-click selection, grouping or point-to-point direct relay, cloud monitoring direct relay classroom status.

Core Products
Lean Manufacturing Multi in One, Lightweight Applications
Easy installation, one click operation, cloud platform control, cost saving, efficient and intelligent upgrade
  • TM-03
    Intelligent Classroom Intelligent Centralized Control "Almighty King"
  • NC-03&CP-Pro
    Highly Integrated Deep Fusion Single Wire Connection Easy to Install
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Served nearly 3000 schools and constructed multiple information benchmark projects