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Fusion Platform Software
Product Name: Fusion Platform Software
Product No: iDste ServerBasic Version
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1. Converged management of all converged information terminals connected to the network.

2. The remote device management function of the converged information terminal terminal that can be connected to all networks.

3. It can realize management and control functions for wireless IoT devices.

4, can support web remote login server for operation.

5. Online upgrade of the converged information terminals connected to all networks.

6. With the intelligent terminal to support the public network (4G or WIFI) Android and Apple mobile devices (mobile phones, etc.) APP remote operation control.

1, based on a customized Linux operating system, integrated MySql database. Provides storage management, log management, user management, and security management for massive data and files.

2. The system supports multicast traversal across network segments. You can implement cross-network segment discovery and management of devices without relying on cross-network multicast settings of routers.

3. Efficient integration management of all registered converged information terminals, including timing control (disabled/enabled), manual control (disabled/enabled) for designated (pre-grouped) converged information terminals (embedded central control) ,power supply. Count the usage time of the device, log registration, and other functions.

4. It has visual and intelligent device management functions for remote real-time monitoring, operation and scheduled operation of the terminal (embedded central control) and its connected power modules.

5, support web remote login server for remote modification, set IP address, remotely restart the system.