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IC Card Reader
Product Name: IC Card Reader
Product No: iDste KC-609
  • Product introduction
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· 1. Compatible with the school's existing one-card system user card. Teachers can directly use the card system's teaching staff card for identity verification.

2. Connect with the school's existing educational administration system, and strictly control each teacher's use of the multimedia classroom according to the schedule information of the educational administration system. The teacher can precisely control the use of the corresponding multimedia classroom within the class time.

3, card and sensor card reader dual use, sensing distance 0 to 6cm; system supports card card, card reader to go automatically switch machine program;

4. At the same time, it supports two operating modes, networking and offline. When there is a problem in the network, it does not affect the normal use of the multimedia control terminal.

6, system support: credit card, remote control, mechanical keys and other ways to open the cabinet, to ensure the normal conduct of teaching activities in various situations.

7. In order to ensure the stability and easy maintenance of the system, the IC card authority management system needs to be the same brand as the converged information terminal, which facilitates unified management and connects with the converged information terminal through USB wiring;