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Intelligent Information Fusion Terminal
Product Name: Intelligent Information Fusion Terminal
Product No: iDste NC-01PM
  • Product introduction
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1. The equipment adopts a 1U rack design and is suitable for installation in various types of cabinets.

2. The device integrates the iDste audio broadcast decoding module, which can be upgraded into a converged terminal with IP broadcast function.

3, equipment integration network switches, digital smart power amplifier;

4. The equipment can be remotely controlled and centrally managed on the same network segment and across network segments.

5. The power sockets of this device are all made of Germany's thousands of anti-shedding power input and output sockets, and have their own independent power supply intelligent management;

6, intelligent fusion information terminal has the following models to choose from:


7、Product size is as follows:

 8.The product interface is defined as follows:

NC back.png

  9.Control panel is as follows:



1. Standard 1U rack design, suitable for installation in various types of cabinets;

2. Integrated broadcast audio decoding module can be upgraded to a converged terminal with IP broadcast function without hardware cost;

3, the motherboard uses industrial-grade high-speed 32-bit embedded CPU, built-in 128MB high-capacity FLASH memory, LINUX operating system kernel;

4, integrated 10M/100M RJ45 3-port network switch, integrated 2-way (50w + 50w) digital smart power amplifier;

5, integrated 3 * 2VGA / audio synchronous / asynchronous switchable matrix (for easy monitoring), after upgrading the CPU core board, 1 way HDMI HD port can be expanded external HD TV and other bulletin board equipment;

6, 1 programmable RS232 control communication port, 2 USB communication interface (accessible IC card reader and other external expansion communication equipment);

7, 4 linear audio input; 2-way wired MIC input, convenient for users to teach on-site;

8, conical waterproof design of integrated molded (ultra thin) keyboard, without destroying the podium desktop. Panel integrated wireless IoT control module, can easily access the brand's wireless microphone, air conditioning control module, power control module, etc.;

9. Perform visual remote control and centralized management (such as classroom computers, projectors, booths, and expansion equipment power supplies) on the same network segment and across network segments, and realize digital broadcasting through software upgrades. That is, digital broadcasting system terminals and multimedia remote management are combined into one;

10, the machine comes with 3 independent intelligent power management, efficient management of classroom multimedia equipment;

11. Remotely customize the status and status of the automatic classroom classroom multimedia equipment, such as: the use time of the lamp, the log, energy consumption, etc., and remotely install all the projector control codes;

12, through the server can be remote and local interactive management, remote batch lock keyboard, remote open, boot, shutdown control and projectors, computers. One-click linkage control management and remote rights management;

13, related qualifications: with the product's 3C certification and the original factory effective ISO9000, 14001.