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Fusion System Server
Product Name: Fusion System Server
Product No: iDste BS-200
  • Product introduction
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1. The Fusion System supports the server, based entirely on the self-developed linux custom kernel.

2, equipped with industrial-grade motherboards and enterprise-class hard drives, to ensure that your applications and data are rock solid.

3, the device built-in server dedicated high efficiency power supply.

4, the device uses high-quality, low-latency audio coding technology, the sound quality reaches the CD level.

5, support all standard network protocols, patented cross-segment technology, do not have to do any settings to the switch; independent development and customization of the database system, in addition to ensuring efficient and stable operation, but also without any intellectual property restrictions.

6, factory pre-installed uBuntu Server 64-bit system, windows client computer installed on the computer can easily achieve remote management of multimedia terminal equipment.