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Wireless air-con controller
Product Name: Wireless air-con controller
Product No: iDste KC-601
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1. Remotely monitor the running status of each air-conditioning distribution point in each classroom through a TCP/IP network (digital campus network), and control the real-time switching of split air-conditioning in each classroom through the existing network.

2. The remote air-conditioning module seamlessly connects with the classroom's existing iDste intelligent convergence terminal through wireless, wall-mounted installation, convenient and quick construction, and stable and reliable performance.

3, remote air-conditioning module uses wireless data transmission technology, no need to deploy communication cables. The built-in power detection circuit can detect the running status of the air conditioner compressor in real time. Both the input and the output use industrial bite-off prevention plugs to ensure the absolute safety of electricity.

3, with the iDste fusion platform software for authorized users through the WEB, remote control client on the air-conditioning remote point-to-point, point-to-point group, timing / time-sharing mode for the connected air conditioner on and off and power off operation.

4. The remote air-conditioning module can be automatically operated according to the five air-conditioning control modes preset by the iDste server. Through the mode authorization, the air-conditioning can be locally controlled through the operation keyboard of the fusion information terminal. The remote air-conditioning module measures the power consumption of the air conditioner in real time and uploads the data in real time. The metrology chip uses an industrial-grade meter meter and the measurement data is accurate.

5. Seamlessly compatible with the original iDste intelligent fusion information terminal system.

6, product size and interface:


Function implementation topology:

ac ins.png

Software Control Interface:

Energy efficiency statistics interface:




4、远程空调模块根据服务器预先设定的五种空调控制模式自动运行, 通过模式授权可通过网络智能融合终端的的操作键盘对空调进行本地控制。空调控制器实时计量空调的使用电量并实时上传数据,计量芯片采用工业级电表计量芯片,计量数据准确无误。