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Fusion System Server
Product Name: Fusion System Server
Product No: iDste BS-100
  • Product introduction
  • 产品参数

1) Completely based on self-developed Linux custom kernel, 1U cabinet design.

2) Industrial motherboards and enterprise-class hard drives ensure your applications and data are rock solid.

3) Using patented high quality, low latency audio coding technology, the sound quality reaches the CD level.

4) Independently developing and customizing database systems, in addition to ensuring efficient and stable operation, can also be free from any intellectual property restrictions.

5) factory pre-installed uBuntu Server 64-bit system, windows client computer installed on the computer can easily achieve remote management of multimedia terminals.


1, processor: dual-core i3 and above specifications, industrial-grade motherboard;

2, memory: 4G DDR3;

★ 3, hard disk: 1TB enterprise-class hard disk;

4, network card: comes with 2 standard 100M/1000M network interface, you can directly connect to Ethernet;

5, the chassis: 1U rack-mounted design chassis;

6, power: standard 250W industrial grade power supply;

7. Anti-lightning design, intelligent temperature-controlled cooling fan with CPU as the core;

★ 8, pre-installed linux operating system, broadcast server software.