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2.4G wireless microphone
Product Name: 2.4G wireless microphone
Product No: iDste KC-606
  • Product introduction
  • 产品参数

1. The use of patented audio real-time codec technology ensures low-fidelity transmission of high-fidelity and electromagnetic radiation from the source, while ensuring the sampling frequency.

2, no external open-air line low power design.

3, sensitive receiving, effective receiving distance greater than 50 meters (open obstacles, receiving and launching test results in a static state).

4. Support point-to-multipoint dynamic access. Using dynamic frequency hopping and protocol-to-code, wireless microphones can be connected to any device that has a receiving device in the iDste information terminal. After the frequency is based on the self-owned protocol, the two parties adopt dynamic negotiation and real-time frequency hopping to communicate with each other, completely avoiding crosstalk between multiple devices. This product adopts the dynamic frequency hopping technology of automatic detection in the voice transmission process. If the product is in the process of work, it is found that there is a strong noise, that is, when there is interference affecting the output sound quality at certain frequencies, it can automatically jump. The frequency of interference is excluded from the frequency sequence to maintain the good effect of the product. The wireless microphone can be seamlessly compatible with the iDste intelligent terminal or the teaching intelligence integrated machine. The wireless receiving device is embedded in the operation control panel of the iDste intelligent terminal or teaching intelligent integrated machine.

5, the product size is as follows:



2、无外露天线低功耗设计(发射最大功率不超过5DB),电磁辐射密度小于30uw/cm2,工作在2.4GHz ISM频段,频率范围:2400 ~ 2483.5MHz.分为256channel, 每个channel的频带带宽为500KHZ对应0255个频点。



5、采用2.4GHzISM (即工业、科学、医学)频段,有256个可选频点(可以实现125个频段,为可选配置)。并为避免在2.4GHz公共频段上容易出现的干扰对音质的影响,该产品在语音传输过程中采用自动检测的动态跳频技术进行传输,如果产品在工作过程中,发现有较强的噪音出现,即在某些频点存在干扰影响输出音质时,可自动在跳频序列中排除受干扰的频点,以保持产品良好的使用效果。