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Network broadcast terminal(Wall-mounted)
Product Name: Network broadcast terminal(Wall-mounted)
Product No: iDste BC-02
  • Product introduction
  • 产品参数

1. Adopt industrial grade high-speed embedded CPU, built-in large-capacity FLASH memory, LINUX operating system kernel;

2, small size, wall-mounted design, installation is extremely simple;

3, support iDste IP digital broadcast decoding, the effect reaches CD sound quality, with remote volume, tone adjustment function;

4, with a 220V external power supply intelligent management.


5. Product interface and dimensions are as shown below.




1) Small size, wall-mounted design. Installation is extremely simple.

2) Embedded ARM9 high-speed CPU, LIUNX operating system kernel, stable and efficient.

3) Built-in 30W+30W digital intelligent power amplifier, can automatically turn on/off the digital power amplifier power supply according to the audio signal, stable.

    Energy saving and environmental protection.

4) Built-in network interface, support for automatic acquisition of IP address.

5) Supports common network protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP.IGMP.UPNP.

6) Support network broadcast source decoding and playback, the sound quality reaches CD sound quality. With remote volume, tone adjustment.