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General School Case
General School Case

iDste Fusion Information System Applied to Shenzhen Experimental Education Group High School

2016-07-27 01:31:24 Source: iDste

       Hunan Xiangyin Zhiyuan School is by far Hunan's largest privately-run school, located in the south of Hunan Xiangyin County, at the junction of Furong North Road and Yangshahu Avenue in Changsha. In 2014, with the approval of Xiang Yin County County Party Committee and County Government, Zhiyuan School Board spent 400 million yuan to build Zhiyuan New Campus, and in August 2015, it built a magnificent, high-end and elegant ecological, modern, and international campus. The campus covers an area of 334 acres, a building area of 139,000 square meters, can open 150 classes, accommodate 6000-8000 students, is a collection of kindergartens, primary schools, junior high school, high school in a boarding private school.

More than 120 classrooms of the school selected our iDste smart campus integration platform, including Ban Bantong's multimedia system, campus digital broadcasting system, campus video live broadcast system, campus information release system, wireless digital sound reinforcement system, intelligent air conditioning management system and intelligence. The clock display system has solved campus intelligence management, campus broadcasting, campus intelligent high-definition audio and video broadcast, campus graphic information release, intelligent air conditioning management and other programs, and truly realized the campus digitalization and intelligence.

iDste glory settled in Hunan Xiangyin Zhiyuan School, and made high-quality model projects, laying a good foundation for the promotion of our products in Hunan. Ai Disite will always adhere to the concept of "integration of ideas, innovative applications," the concept of enterprise innovation, to provide high-quality, leading high-tech products in Hunan and throughout the country, achievements wonderful!