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iDste Intelligent IoT Control System Makes Management Simple

2016-07-25 08:28:23 Source: iDste

       With the development of technology in the era, the Internet of Things has become more and more important to everyone. The Internet of Things is also gradually applied in various fields. Shenzhen Technician College conforms to the development of the times and uses the power of science and technology to take the lead in promoting the IOT management system throughout the school. The iDste Intelligent IoT Control System has been fully utilized while educating the level of education informatization, making the management of schools more scientific, standardized and intelligent.

Shenzhen Technician College is a full-time higher-tech college for full investment by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is a state-level key technical college directly affiliated to Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security to cultivate high-skilled personnel. The institute aims to establish a satisfactory technical education for the people, accurately grasp the “triple knowledge, skilled skills, and healthy personality” three-in-one application, compound, and innovative high-skilled personnel training standards, and strive to create a national first-class exemplary senior technicians. Colleges and universities, to build a brand for technical education, has trained a large number of high-skilled talents for the economic and social development of Shenzhen and even the whole country. The Shenzhen Municipal Government invested 1.104 billion yuan in the construction of a new modern campus covering an area of 370,500 square meters and a building area of 267,600 square meters. It has been completed and put into use. At present, there are a total of 10 departments in the Department of Applied Design, Electronic Information Technology, International Business, Jewelry, Opto-Mechanical Technology, Automotive Technology, Applied Biology, Graphic Communication Technology, Electrical Technology, and Public Education. Department of 25 professional, full-time students in the school 10129 people, all levels of training for senior workers, technicians.

With many new campus buildings and large class spans, the management of the school’s multimedia classroom equipment has brought huge challenges. The early campus information management system model was too single, the management level was not high, the management efficiency was low, and it required a lot of manpower and material resources, and it was not able to integrate and control the entire campus media equipment. In today's call for energy-saving and emission-reduction, the waste of resources caused by the old-fashioned management system was abandoned by the Shenzhen Technician College that pursues modernization and international development.

In order to prevent the old system from bringing the same difficulties to the new campus, while ensuring the advanced level of information management in the new campus, through the research and investigation exchanges with other advanced universities, the iDste embedded system that has accumulated a certain reputation and advanced experience through the bidding has been adopted by the industry. Multimedia control platform and remote air conditioning management system.

      The new campus uses iDste intelligent integrated information terminal as the main control device of the classroom. With the advanced management platform and intelligent air conditioning management module, the use of equipment distributed on all floors is clear at a glance. Based on "high-efficiency applications", integrated practical functions such as digital power amplifiers, switches, and strong power management; the introduction of networking enables the platform to support cross-network segments, support multi-network integration, support remote Internet access, and remotely concentrate Control and management. The remote linkage control of iDste embedded multi-media control platform can be used to control one-touch operation, shutdown, disable operation and implementation of all the controlled points (such as projector, electric screen, computer, booth, and central control) of all multimedia devices in the whole campus. Remote air conditioning timer switch, the device power supply in digital setting mode to control the power supply time, detailed to the smallest unit in seconds. The control and control of air conditioners is based on the different modes set in linkage with the linkage management between the back office and the local, realizing automation of air conditioning and fine management. On the other hand, iDste embedded multimedia centralized control platform is easy to use and requires no training. The function expansion is flexibly customized according to the different needs of users. Administrators can log in with different roles and manage in different categories. System expansion does not require line modification and plug and play. This not only improves the efficiency of day-to-day audio-visual equipment management, opens up classroom equipment under unoccupied conditions, causes waste of resources, accelerates aging of equipment, etc., and can greatly increase the service life of equipment through the remote lock control function of the aggregate control software, saving the school A lot of manpower and material resources.

       The distribution of equipment is as follows: 

iot ins.png

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