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General School Case
General School Case

iDste Smart Video Push System Applied to Shahe Primary School

2016-07-21 09:28:41 Source: iDste

       Shenzhen Nanshan District Shahe Primary School is located on the bank of Shenzhen Bay and faces the window of the world across the street. It was built in 1961 and has undergone a tortuous course of development in the seven management stages of military school running, enterprise running, and government running. . Generation after generation of Shahe people, with loyalty and dedication to education, with a tough and solid guardian of this educational paradise, creating a beautiful and high quality modern elementary school campus. In 2014, the school had 34 classes and 1,554 students. The school has achieved remarkable results in various education and teaching. It has received deep recognition from the leaders and a good reputation among students, parents and the community.


      The iDste intelligent fusion system uses the school to carry out new informationization reforms and create opportunities for high-level information schools. It is seamlessly compatible with the school's existing multimedia audio-visual education platform and electronic bulletin information publishing system, and realizes the school's multimedia audiovisual platform management and IP digital. The integration of multiple systems such as broadcasting systems, video direct broadcast systems, and information distribution systems has truly reached the advanced, smart, and intelligent nature of campus informationization.

There are 34 classes in the school, and iDste's intelligent fusion information terminal is installed in each class. It is seamlessly compatible with the original information release system of the school class entrance through the intelligent fusion information terminal's high-definition video output interface, enabling multimedia classrooms and small screens at the entrance. Live video, broadcast and other functions.

The distribution of equipment is as follows:    


        Through the iDste intelligent fusion system, the school can listen to final exam English listening at the same time in all grades of the school, and truly achieve a digital broadcasting system. Yu teacher, who is responsible for playing English listening at the school, said: “The whole school has a different level of listening test from year 1 to year 6. This was difficult to achieve in the past, and this system only needs to be set in the management background with simple timing settings. It is really for the sake of the school to solve the problems that need to be solved.

       Through the iDste intelligent video broadcast system, the school realizes a unified live broadcast and broadcast of the entire school. At the end of the school period when the school's parent-teacher conference was held, the school implemented the iDste intelligent video broadcast system to enable the principal to speak and broadcast the entire school. During the period, the classroom and doorway display devices are automatically turned on and turned off automatically after the play is completed. The video playback is truly automated and brings a brand new experience to the school.