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General School Case
General School Case

iDste Intelligent Fusion Information System Applied to Shenzhen Second High School

2016-07-11 05:57:00 Source: iDste

       Shenzhen Second High School currently has 120 teaching classrooms and functional classrooms. It is a high-standard model school in Shenzhen City. In the summer of 2012, the school’s classrooms were rebuilt to install the iDste Fusion Information System. The system integrates the existing TCP/IP network, so without any network transformation, simply install the iDste information fusion terminal, the iDste integration platform server and related core devices to connect the devices distributed in the classroom, and at The implementation of digital broadcasting within the system is implemented, and the advantages of the digital campus are fully utilized.

On this basis, in 2013, the school installed an intelligent air-conditioning equipment management system based on this platform.

Since its operation, it has fully achieved the school's intended purpose. At present, the second high school in Shenzhen has used the system to achieve the following functions:

1. All audio-visual equipment is authorized to use smartly or regularly.

2. The power supply and use of all projectors can be controlled at regular intervals.

3. The use of the device has statistics on the log.

4. Using the existing campus information platform to realize the intelligent management of air-conditioning equipment, there is no need for separate wiring during the entire implementation process, and no need to make any modifications to the existing equipment and lines.

5. All classroom air conditioners can be intelligently controlled remotely and without additional wiring.

In the next step, they are ready to extend the converged information system to all dormitory and office areas so that more accurate energy consumption statistics and intelligent management can be achieved.