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Service Description:

1. All the independent research and development products of iDste and the products it represents are implemented with barcode management and have unique product ID identification.

2. Where the user purchases iDste products from the company directly or from authorized agents and distributors of the company, such as product quality due to improper raw materials or processing, etc., during the warranty period, the company promises to be unconditional. Free repair or replacement. In addition to insurance, delivery, delivery and other miscellaneous fees, the warranty service is provided free of charge. (Please take care when packing the product)

3. The following conditions may not be included in the scope of free maintenance and replacement: damage to the product caused by man-made damage, damage to the product caused by the use of products not complying with the relevant technical and safety regulations, high pressure, high temperature, and excessive humidity. No free repair or replacement will be provided.。

If the user has any after-sales questions about the company, please call +86-0755-83438600 for resale or e-mail to Our company must give the most timely response.

  • quality

    The perfect product has always been our goal.
    100% yield is the minimum standard for our quality control.

  • Guarantee

    All hardware products provide a three-year free warranty commitment.

  • credit

    Users of iDste series products will always receive technical guidance and services from manufacturers no matter where they purchase.