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Customer Q&A:

First, the control of no electricity, how to check the point of failure?
Answer: 1. Use a multimeter to check if there is a voltage input.
      2. In the case of powering on the central control, check whether the power indicator on the panel is red.
      3. If there is voltage input and the “power” indicator of the panel does not turn on red, please replace the new panel to check if it is a panel failure;
      4. If the panel is replaced, the power indicator of the panel has a red light, indicating that the original panel is damaged. Please contact the manufacturer to replace the panel.
      5. After the panel is replaced, the power indicator of the panel does not turn red, indicating that the control itself is not powered on. Please contact us for specific solutions. 


Second, the control panel appears to be unable to control the phenomenon, such as: button failure can not be controlled, the button light does not light but the control is normal, how to deal with?

A: This type of problem may be caused by the long use of the panel. The surface-mounted buttons may not move or have good elasticity, so that the keys cannot touch the inner metal sheet. In this case, you can use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the panel, and then tear the surface of the panel, re-adhere, if you still can not use, please contact us, will be free to replace for you during the warranty period.

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