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iDste-TM series intelligent teaching machine builds a smart campus

2017-09-14 02:04:37 Source: iDste

  • Foreword 

         A comprehensive understanding of education informatization needs to be understood and viewed from a strategic perspective. We believe that education informatization first embodies the informatization of educational concepts and ideas, which involves multiple input from hardware equipment to human resources and management concepts. In this rapidly developing society, education informatization or the use of information technology to improve the level of campus intelligence has become the most popular topic among educators today.

  • The iDste Fusion System is based on a digital campus and fully integrates the basic systems and equipment required for a smart campus with advanced technology, from hardware integration to information management, from simple business systems to full integration of campus multiservices and multiple full-scale digital applications. iDste has provided today's digital campus with advanced and reliable basic hardware devices and converged and efficient business systems, with a view to contributing modest contributions to the education and campus management and application intelligence in China!

  • At present, iDste product line has covered the intelligent management of school audio-visual equipment, campus IP digital broadcasting system, campus high-definition digital video transmission system, split air-conditioning intelligent control system, high-fidelity wireless sound reinforcement system. These practical systems will greatly improve the water quality and management level of campus information applications. New technologies and reliable technical means are affecting people's inherent management habits and thinking patterns. An innovative, comprehensive, digital, and intelligent The application system is having a far-reaching impact on the existing existing campus equipment and business applications. With its deep industry background and continuous R&D investment in this field, iDste has been accepted and adopted by many large and medium-sized institutions in China. 

  • Chapter 1: Introducing the iDste TM Series Teaching Smart Host

    First: design principles

    iDste products from the beginning of the argument will be "ease of use, reliability, advanced nature, innovation, integration," as the product design and research and development of the dominant idea. An advanced, innovative product is first of all performance-reliable, functionality is available and easy to use, and business implementation is converged. Adhering to this basic principle, we focus on the design principles of iDste from the following aspects.

    1) Ease of use: The design of products does not exclude users' inherent habits while using advanced technologies. We provide an extremely simple human-computer interaction mode for end users, provide convenient management interface and advanced for managers. Tutoring system, for system integrators we provide very simple installation and debugging tools. The "convenience is the best" design concept to meet all levels of users and implementers.


  • 2) Reliability:The rationality of the design occupies an extremely important position in the reliability of the entire product. From the product demonstration to the design process, we strive to use the most mature solutions, the most cost-effective, and the most redundant function expansion as our design products. The basic idea of the system is to design the system function based on the needs of a wide range of surveyed users, to maximize the proximity of users and to fully reserve the space for expansion. From the source and process, we first ensure the reliability of the individual product. First, we ensure the reliability of the system from the fault-tolerant, easy-to-restore, and easy-expandability aspects in the design process with the optimal design development program. Second, we strictly follow the production of modern enterprises in the production process. Material control of all process controls ensures product quality and consistency.

  • 3) Advanced: Advanced design principles are reflected in all aspects of product and system integration. The technologies we use must be mainstream and non-limiting. The system architecture must be adapted to the current most popular construction model. Embedded, Internet of Things, big data, Internet, and open interfaces are all reflected in the iDste product terminals and system support software.

  • 4) Innovation: The innovative application model is the cornerstone of the advanced nature of our design system. iDste uses talented people and a wide range of user bases as the basis for innovative applications. It focuses on the details of use, listens to user suggestions, and truly reflects practical innovation. Used by users and approved.

  • 5) Convergence: The acceleration of new technologies and networks provides a wide range of application prospects for converged applications. The integration method and performance are already one of the important evaluations of product innovation. Today's campuses need more and more stable products. It replaces the previous format of multiple devices, multiple systems, and multiple lines. iDste adheres to the concept of integration, with the professional and technical assurance of the implementation and development of this concept. Convergence is the practice of innovative applications.



    iDste TM series teaching intelligent host and support platform complete the following applications for smart campus infrastructure:



  • 1: Intelligent control system for classroom audiovisual equipment


  • 2: Intelligent broadcasting and management system for all-school digital IP broadcasting system (also compatible with school-wide analog broadcasting)


  • 3: Intelligent broadcast and management system of digital high-definition video in the school (campus television broadcast and information release system)


  • 4: Intelligent management system for classroom air-conditioning in school classrooms


  • 5: The PA system in the school classroom (2.4G wireless microphone and multimedia HD speaker)


  • 6: Multimedia teaching system for each classroom (smart host integrated I5 computer, solid state drive)


  • 7: Support mainstream cloud desktop systems

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    Chapter II: Deployment of iDsteTM Intelligent Teaching Host

    First: Technical Features and Components of iDste Fusion Multiservice System

    iDste's smart terminals with multi-service systems break through the hardware patchwork of traditional integrated devices. All hardware and software are developed and verified by the bottom layer. The smart terminals use the best HD processors in the industry. With iDste's rich process experience accumulated in digital broadcasting systems, iDste's converged multi-service system is also outstanding, and it has successfully operated in hundreds of schools.


    The main technical features are as follows:

    1) Highly integrated, iDste TM series intelligent teaching host inherits all the technical features of the NC series, and also integrates digital audio power amplifiers, 10M/100M switches, and power supply intelligent control modules. At the same time highly integrated custom industrial I5 computer, solid-state hard disk, Gao Paiyi (physical booth) and other functions. Hardware is further highly integrated.

    2) Powerful computing and decoding capabilities, iDste TM series has a super computing heart, its RISC instruction set CPU up to 700MHZ CPU provides the terminal itself with very large data communications processing capabilities and superb hardware decoding capabilities. The high-bandwidth memory and redundant design provide a broader space for future system upgrades.

    3) proprietary systems, iDste TM series teaching intelligent hosts all have a proven and extremely stable custom Linux system, because the system is customized, we can from the software to do everything possible to reduce the terminal out of control risk, of course, when the need for new features to add , It is also easy to upgrade or redefine the function according to the user's requirements.

    4) Customized support platform services and database systems, iDste multi-service support platform servers and database systems are Linux customized systems, which in addition to greatly improve the operating efficiency and stability, but also allows users to remove the use of copyright issues and upgrades During the period, all software of iDste's multi-service support system during the warranty period supports free upgrades. To protect the user's assets and investment time limit.

    5) The device is highly integrated and powerful. The iDste intelligent multi-service integration system and application terminal fully complying with the TCP/IP protocol fully integrate the campus network resources. A set of systems and a set of terminals realize the centralized control of the device from the campus network environment. Digital IP broadcasting system to high-definition digital transmission system and a variety of things control system. This is first and foremost the innovation of new technologies and the embodiment of high-end design and manufacturing. iDste is changing the traditional situation of multi-equipment, multi-system, and multi-line campuses with advanced industry experience and leading product design concepts.



    Second, the main equipment and function of the system


    1: Device composition diagram of the intelligent teaching host fusion system:


    (1) Remote control and energy management functions:

       ■ Power Control - Set the projector, power screen, computer, booth, and power supply time in the digital setting mode (in seconds).

       ■ Controlled devices - local and remote device linkage control, remote one-click boot, shutdown, disable multimedia devices (such as projectors, electric screens, computers, booths, central control)

       ■The terminal itself comes with a high-precision energy consumption metering chip. The energy consumed by the projector in real time and time can be counted.

    (2) Remote device status detection:

       ■ The background can observe whether the light bulb of the fusion terminal and the projector is turned on (projector power detection circuit already exists on the circuit).

          Power on, off, and external device power.

    (3) Remote Management and IoT Functions:

       ■ Remote modification of the projector code, import and export, remote modification of the IP address of the fusion intelligent control.

        When the sub-components of the equipment are controlled and linked according to the schedule, when they are unattended, the multimedia classroom equipment is automatically turned on and off to achieve the purpose of management.

       ■Remote volume, tone adjustment: In the remote management software, it can be modified remotely according to the different volume and tone requirements of each classroom.。

     ■  With authority management mode, different roles are logged in to remotely manage multimedia devices such as air conditioners, LED sync clock devices, etc. iDste fusion intelligent teaching host can realize remote control of split air conditioner through iDste wireless air conditioning module. The function includes classroom air conditioning switch, power off and power consumption statistics.

     ■  The intelligent teaching host integrates the internal wireless module, which can communicate with the external wireless module through the control keyboard integrated with the physical connection protocol. Such as wireless air-conditioning coupling module, wireless power gateway, real-time high-fidelity wireless sound reinforcement system.

     ■  Remotely shutting down the computer, the highly integrated and highly intelligent integrated TM series host all features follow a minimalist design, remote computer and local boot is a key to start without any extra steps.




  • (4) Introduction of the function of intelligent teaching host

         The iDste intelligent teaching host is highly integrated with hardware devices such as industrial computers, Gao Paiyi, iDste intelligent fusion terminal and IoT module. Really highly business integration, highly intelligent hardware integration. High-performance custom i5 industrial computers provide efficient and stable multimedia device support for teaching.

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    2: The intelligent fusion system business functions based on iDsteTM series:

    1) Intelligent Air Conditioning and Projection Equipment Management System

     With the development of economy and the improvement of material conditions, the school has become one of the most concentrated public areas for air-conditioning use. How to distribute air conditioners in various classrooms and other office areas for effective management? This is to build a low-carbon green campus. One of the primary goals. iDste uses intelligent terminals distributed in the classroom to intelligently manage and control the air conditioners in classrooms using smart terminals already distributed in classrooms. Administrators only need to input task modes according to preset times and distribute them in various ways. Class air conditioners can be turned on and off in a pre-set mode (switching power on and off first, ensuring that air conditioners are used in a standard manner). While saving power, it does not affect the terminal to perform the set action according to any preset task.


  • The following main functions can be intelligently implemented through the platform software:

    Remote monitoring, management, intelligent control and set intelligent control operation

    Develop an intelligent control strategy (including switching, power-off, and identity authentication)

    Visualize the use of the device

    remote configuration of intelligent control parameters

    2) Digital IP Broadcast Support System

        Although digital IP broadcasting provides very easy means and free imagination space for audio transmission, it must be done to meet the user's practical application. The integrated software system of iDste digital IP broadcasting should be practically demanded by campus front-line teachers. After several years of continuous improvement, iDste has become one of the best digital broadcasting management and broadcast software systems for campuses. Rely on a strong R & D team and extensive research. The software system of iDste digital broadcasting starts from the user and grows together with the needs of users. At present, main functions such as automatic or manual intelligent broadcast, mode setting, mobile call, and role login based on various complicated environments have been completed. The implementation of these functions has greatly brought into play the application characteristics of campus digital broadcasting. Since the software system is oriented to the demand and development of digital signals on campus, this greatly enriches the needs of first-line user operations, and it is very pragmatic to alleviate the needs of first-line users. Work pressure.

    Intelligent broadcast

        The broadcast system of the iDste digital broadcasting system takes the timeline as the main axis, which fully meets the time regularity, on-time rate, and signal standardization features of the campus digital broadcasting. For a semester signal setting, the user only needs to set it once in the software and the full semester takes effect. At the same time, the software also provides a very user-friendly setting method to facilitate the user to manually select real-time broadcast manually. The function settings of each broadcast task provide very detailed parameters for the user to select, such as: broadcast time, duration, volume level, audio source, temporary or normal, and random selection. These rich parameter settings almost meet all the broadcasting conditions of campus audio broadcasting, giving users a very convenient practicality and at the same time showing strong intelligence.

  • Mode settings

    How the highly complex campus ring signal system operates intelligently according to specific logic. This is a challenge for the software platform of all digital IP broadcasting systems. The mode settings in the iDste software system provide innovative operation of the system. The means, the perfection and application of this function, provide a very simple means for the campus complex signal setting. For example, a high-level third-grade mock exam, which requires specific ring tones for high-grade exams. Use the mode function in conjunction with iDste's agreed-upon level settings. Operators can easily handle this task in a "mode" way without frequent changes to the task. At the end of the model time at the grade level, it is automatically changed to the normal timing "mode". All prescribed signals will be delivered to each classroom as required by the “mode” and are accurate. The number of “patterns” does not have any limits. From the “test mode” to the “summer/winter time model”, iDste can reflect on the human nature of the software functions in order to cope with the increasing number of holidays. care.


      Mobile call and role login  

  • PC BC.png

  •         iDste provides mobile call and automatic broadcast systems based on TCP/IP networks. The biggest feature of the system is the integration of computer terminals on the existing campus network with digital IP broadcasting through specific protocols, so that all campuses have the need for broadcast applications. All of them can directly participate in the setting of the digital broadcasting system through their own desktop terminals. The open function is embodied in the information service for everyone. These do not require proprietary devices to participate in the use of campus digital broadcasting functions, and bring a very easy-to-use experience to grade groups, classroom teachers (especially English teachers), general affairs, and academic affairs. Each user participates in the broadcast function of the organization under a specific authorization according to a specific authorization. For example, an English teacher with a class of four in a senior high school may be restricted by the administrator's authorization and time every day. He may organize a hearing of English for the next morning sometime in the morning and set it up in the second place. The Sky Server automatically broadcasts his playlist content to specific groups without any additional manual intervention. Of course, he can make voice calls to related groups (group members) within the permitted permissions. iDste writes specific authorization information into portable USB-Key authorization information. The iDste digital audio broadcasting station solves professional problems from the perspective of a proprietary device, such as the broadcast of a campus radio station. Analog sound source real-time acquisition and digital network broadcast. iDset digital broadcasting system, regardless of software or hardware, is based on a professional perspective. It constructs and organizes the implementation of the entire system in an open-minded manner. It truly puts the application to the ground and meets the actual needs in the most convenient way.

    3) High-definition audio and video direct broadcast

         Media services such as media resources (supporting 1920*1080P) and text information in the media library are broadcasted to grouped audio and video terminals at predetermined times. All media broadcast tasks can set levels and time limits.

         Relying on the TCP/IP network, the site real-time site-to-point and point-to-point group will be published in full HD format to audio and video playback terminals, on-demand Internet or local area network video resources, and broadcast to any audio and video player terminals in the local area network in a single point or in groups. Support HTTP on demand protocol.

    4) Equipment Management

        All audio and video playback terminals can perform pre-mode setting and remote management. Both audio and video broadcasts from the server can be forced or cut in real time, and the connected display device can be automatically activated or turned off in an unattended state ( Such as projectors, liquid crystal display terminals, audio, etc.)

    5) Media Management

        Strong database support, fast uploading means, single or batch upload audio and high-definition video files, audio and video playback support MP3, MOV, AVI, TS stream and other mainstream formats.

    6) Multi-service role management

        Support all the functions of iDste digital IP broadcasting. Only one iDste NC-02 terminal device is required in the platform. With the iDste fusion platform supporting software, centralized control of equipment, digital IP broadcasting, high-definition video decoding, campus cultural information distribution and other services can be realized. Combine a number of campus utility functions to truly reduce the duplicate investment in equipment. Each business management method is managed by a specific role login.                     

    Third. Application Scenarios of iDste Fusion Multiservice System

        The iDste fusion system is based on the classroom-equipped teaching intelligent host (iDste TM-02A). The teaching intelligent host integrates all electronic teaching facilities other than the projector. It has all the teaching and intelligent management functions of the teaching platform, and it also uses the digital campus. The data network interface provided in each classroom, combined with iDste fusion server and multi-service support platform software, we can build intelligent, all-digital, digital IP broadcasting, intelligent integrated centralized control management, high-definition intelligent broadcast and direct broadcast platform . The broadcast system utilizes the media management and support platform provided by the iDste fusion system. As long as the content to be broadcast is pre-established, it can be scheduled and scheduled to broadcast in a pre-set way. The smart terminals distributed in the classroom can automatically activate the connected display devices. After the playback is completed, the display devices can be automatically turned off without any manual intervention. By using existing campus networks without having to re-lay additional cables, the iDste support platform relies on its own patented custom protocols and also provides powerful cross-segment configuration support. Since each terminal uses professional pure hardware full HD decoding, the broadcast quality is exceptionally good. The iDste Fusion System also provides a powerful high-definition encoding device (iDste BW-802) for high-definition standard signals from SDI/HDI, HDMI, and CVBS for H.264. The format is output via the network, and the iDste support platform can intelligently push any streaming program from the iDste BW-802 to any terminal device intelligently. 

    Actual results show

  • Video push.png

  • Unusual and neat wiring, environmentally friendly, low carbon, highly integrated applications:

  • Fourth, the reference configuration of campus equipment distribution

    1. Example functional requirements:

    1) The school has a conference room (small auditorium), often in the conference room (small auditorium) to conduct learning reports, video conferences, student cultural performances, etc., real-time scene will be transmitted to each classroom or related floor distributed information terminal to play. At the same time, regular formats such as MP3, MOV, AVI and TS streams can be broadcast.

    2) Realize the full functionality of digital IP broadcasting and the timely or real-time intelligent broadcast of video data in the resource library.

    3) Intelligent control of all terminal devices or connected devices connected thereto. (including timing, grouping, sub-control, etc.)

                            The recommended equipment is as follows:


    Program source broadcast address

    Functional Requirements

    Transport physical address

    Meeting Room

    Live video

    1, N ordinary classrooms.

    2, local monitoring.

    3. Other teaching corridor areas.

    Control Center

    Broadcast, broadcast school TV station, media management at regular time

    Sub-Control Center

    (Office with Internet)

    Timely broadcast equipment management, media management


    2, equipment distribution

                                      Control Center

    Device name


    Remarks (specific installation location)

    Control Center



    Core equipment





    According to demand can be in the conference room and master control center


                                       Teaching building

    Device name


    Remarks (specific installation location)

    Teaching building



    Per class




    Basically matched with classrooms or function rooms

    Air-con Control



    One air conditioner in each classroom

    Wireless Microphone



    Implement a teacher with a microphone.




    Can take into account video push (information distribution) or public broadcasting on the floor

    Function room



    According to the budget can be equipped with NC-02AM can also be equipped with NC-01ABM

    Playgrounds and other large venues



    According to location

    Brand high power constant pressure digital power amplifier



    According to quantity of BC-01


    Fifth, installation example:

  • According to the actual conditions of the new school, we roughly match the distribution list of equipment. Due to the failure to obtain the actual number of classrooms and function rooms in the school. This scenario is configured with the equipment required for a standard campus.

    (Assume that the school currently has 36 classrooms, 15 function rooms, and schoolwide digital broadcasting coverage and video information publishing functions. Part of the classroom platform construction. Special attention, this program also assumes that the campus network cabling part is in place. The teaching host already contains computers, Gao Paiyi, etc. It is for reference only and cannot be copied completely.)

  • The core equipment needed by the system:

  • Device name



    Fusion system software


    The system can be logged on any computer in the campus network for centralized control, digital broadcasting, high-definition video, and other business control and authorization.

    (iDste server)

    Fusion system server


    hardware equipment(iDste BS-200)

    Real-time HD video workstation


    Real-time encoding HD push(iDste BW-802)

    Digital Audio Broadcast Station


    Campus radio and playground public broadcasting use(iDste BW-801)

    Network broadcast terminal(Cabinet)


    According to the different business divisions, it mainly realizes public areas: IP broadcasting such as corridors, corridors, playgrounds, etc.(iDste BC-01)

    Network broadcast terminal(Wall-mounted)


    May need to listen to the office area, monitoring, etc.(iDste BC-02)



    Call microphone based on ordinary PC(USB-KEY)



    Multi-service intelligent convergence terminal, including digital amplifier, audio broadcast, high-definition decoding, and other features(iDste TM-02)



    Multi-service intelligent convergence terminal, including digital amplifier, audio broadcast, and other features(iDste TM-01)

    Hi-Fi Speaker


    High-definition speakers designed for teaching.

    (iDste AU-323)

    Live video terminal(Wall-mounted)


    Place corridors or other public areas for audio and HD video broadcasting

    (iDste BC-03)

    65 inch flat TV


    Market mainstream brand

    Wireless mircophone


    According to the number of teachers in school

    (iDste KC-606)

    Wireless air conditioning control module


    Calculated by two air conditioners per classroom

    (iDste KC-601)



    Market mainstream brand


    Electronic whiteboard


    Market mainstream brand


    Front writing board


    Market mainstream brand

    Front writing board


    Market mainstream brand

    Classroom Podium and Chair


    Market mainstream brand

    Integrated wiring



    Public broadcasting section:


    Indoor and outdoor sound column


    For office area or related function room

    Pure power amplifier


    For playground

    Pure power amplifier


    Used for corridors and other public areas

    12-channel mixer


    For campus radio stations

    8-channel mixer


    For playground



    With pure power amplifier

    Outdoor sound column and mounting bracket



    Professional broadcast microphone


    Used for campus radio stations

    Wireless Microphone


    For playground broadcasting and other places

    Wiring construction


      Cases Introdution: 

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