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iDste Fusion System Overall Solution

2016-06-29 09:16:52 Source: iDste

First, the trend of future development

1, iDste digital campus construction reflects

■ With the aim of "convergence and efficient application", central control, switching, digital power amplifier, IP digital broadcasting, LED text screen publishing, remote air conditioning management system, audio and video broadcast system integrates a centralized control fusion system.
■ Classroom LED screen text publishing system reflects the campus culture construction.
■ Three-network integration reflects diversification and multi-functional changes in teaching applications and management models.
■ Reflect the energy-saving and environmental-friendly air-conditioning management system with the concept of “things”. (This plan is not applicable)
■ Network high-definition audio and video broadcast system, live broadcast, broadcast, regular play of audio and video.

2. Trends in the iDste program

■ Hardware System--With embedded architecture, LINUX operating system provides a stable and reliable series of products
■ Design of the plan - the unified planning and design of the previous plan to reduce duplication of investment.
■ Classroom equipment - administrators have different roles to log in and manage in different categories.
■ System Function - Efficient application reduces burden on administrators.
■ Network resources - three networks, one network, online management, online teaching, online services.

Second, the overall structure of the program

         iDste NC series motherboard adopts industrial-grade high-speed 32-bit embedded CPU, built-in 128MB large-capacity FLASH memory, LINUX operating system kernel, with extremely extensive network and software application scalability. iDste NC series products have low power consumption and long life cycle, which can provide friendly multimedia human-machine interface. On the other hand, iDste NC series products have strong expansion, with the requirements of networking and informationization. And the maturity of Internet technology can be customized according to customer needs at any time the appropriate software features.


Program composition
   The LED strip screen terminal and the remote air conditioning management terminal connection device can be matched and installed according to the user's different requirements, and the expansion is also very convenient without repetitive wiring.
   High-definition audio and video broadcast system - The combination of network and industry business applications, as well as the future of digital, intelligent network video transmission and broadcast system based on the foundation, can realize the centralized release and management of video information, and serve the banks. Digital teaching, product introduction, digital broadcasting, and cable television transmission in various industries.
1, the highlights of the system
(1) Higher stability and reliability
    ■  All products use embedded architecture, LINUX operating system, free from viruses;
    ■  Pure hardware equipment, full patch technology, modular design, stable and reliable.
(2) Higher integration
■  Based on "efficient application", integrated practical functions such as digital amplifiers, switches, and strong power management.
(3) Network advantages
■  Support cross-network segment, support multi-network integration, support remote Internet access, remote centralized control and management.
4) Easy to use, flexible
■  The operation is simple and easy to use, no training is required, and the function expansion is flexibly customized according to the different needs of the user. System expansion does not require line modification, plug and play.
(5) Practicality of LED Strip Screen Terminals
■  Silent broadcasting and notification for school management in schools, energy saving and environmental protection.
(6) HD network audio and video broadcast system
■  With the help of the campus network live broadcast, broadcast live scenes, and transmit video signals to each playback terminal, the actual bandwidth stream is 360K-400K.

Third, remote centralized intelligent management platform

1, the software interface

Embedded network control software is very good, user-friendly operation, function upgrade scalability can be customized as you wish.

2, business function

   (1) Remote Control Series:
   ■ Power Control - Sets the power supply time for the projector, power screen, computer, stand, and central control in digital setting mode (in seconds).
   ■ Control of the device - Local and remote device linkage control, remote one-click boot, shutdown, disable multimedia devices (such as projectors, electric screens, computers, booths, central control). 
   (2) Remote Device Status Series:
  ■ The background can observe the startup, shutdown of the embedded network control, projector, air conditioning, LED display screen.
   (3) Remote Management Series:
  ■ Remote modification of projector code, import and export, remote modification of control IP address in embedded network,
  ■ When the sub-components of the equipment are controlled and linked according to the schedule, when they are unattended, the multimedia classroom equipment is automatically turned on and off to achieve the purpose of management.
  ■ Remote volume, tone adjustment: In the remote management software, it can be modified remotely according to different classroom volume and tone requirements.
  ■ With rights management mode, different roles are logged in to remotely manage air-conditioning devices, LED strip screen devices and other multimedia devices.
  ■ iDste air-conditioning management truly enables remote management of classroom air-conditioning switching and monitoring of usage status through the campus network.
  ■  Shut down the computer remotely: In the on-site teaching, the classroom computer is turned on in an unattended state, causing waste of resources and accelerated aging of the equipment. For this reason, when shutting down the central control, you can use the iDste to shut down the computer's servo program to remotely press the computer to perform a soft shutdown.


Fourth, network high-definition video broadcast system

    High-definition audio and video broadcast system - The combination of network and industry business applications, as well as the future of digital, intelligent network video transmission and broadcast system based on the foundation, can realize the centralized release and management of video information, and serve the banks. Digital teaching, product introduction, digital broadcasting, and cable television transmission in various industries.
1, the main application of the system
          Scheduled playback: Support full-HD (1920*1080P) timing and fixed-point playback, and can customize the playback schedule according to the schedule.

          Live broadcast: The campus cable television station signal grouping and sub-point live broadcast to each classroom, and automatically activate the projector or LCD TV equipment.

          Live on-demand: Live or on-demand video resources in the LAN or Internet can be forwarded to each classroom for playback (supporting http on-demand protocol).

          Video capture: adopts fast uploading methods and supports AVI, MOV, MP4, TS and other formats.

2, the composition of the main equipment
2.1 Fusion Platform Server Software
■ Main functions: It is used to manage the material information database of the intranet, collect data processing, edit, monitor and publish workstations.
■ Product introduction:
      he fusion platform server is divided into two core parts: software and hardware. The software uses a customized LINUX operating system to provide real-time playback and on-demand media services for the underlying audio and video playback terminals. It responds to the playback requests of various terminal devices and provides audio and video workstations. Data interface service. Optional hardware device configuration, this program gives the recommended configuration.
2.2  Live Video Station
■ Product picture:

■ Main functions: Responsible for receiving analog audio and video signals from audio and video sources, compressing the analog signals, and uploading them to the system stream server for storage and playback in the audio and video stream file formats that the streaming server can handle.
■ Product introduction:
   Video live workstations are based on hardware-only H.264-encoded live streaming devices. The input analog AV signal is directly encoded into a streaming live broadcast signal, and a video streaming service is provided externally via a built-in streaming media server or an external streaming media server.
   The use of 1U shelves institutions, support for 365*24 continuous live encoding, is the best choice for live video.
   The device can simultaneously encode two live streaming streams with different bit rates so that live streaming and video recording can use different bit rates to achieve the best results. The system supports http protocol and RTMP protocol. With streaming media servers such as FMS or Red5, users can directly browse the web to watch live content.

2.3 Network audio and video playback terminal
■ Product picture:

■ Main functions: Receive network audio and video streams over the network in real time and remotely manage multimedia platform devices.
■ Product introduction:
   1) Integrated molded keyboard, waterproof, slim, tapered design.
   2) Built-in 40w+40w digital amplifier, no need to increase the external power amplifier design.
   3) Built-in 4-port switch makes network expansion more convenient.
   4) Separation of strong and weak electricity, four-channel full digital controlled strong electricity management.
   5) Fusion digital broadcasting system and remote multimedia platform centralized control system.
* Integrated digital broadcasting system
Regular broadcast, remote call, remote on-demand, real-time broadcast, mode play, permission to play and other business functions.
﹡ Remote multimedia platform centralized control system
  Status display, status feedback, power control, remote on/off, log management, role login, and point booking operations. 
3, the main business functions
■  Scheduled broadcast
Media services such as media resources (supporting 1920*1080P) and text information in the media library are broadcasted to grouped audio and video terminals at predetermined times. All media broadcast tasks can set levels and time limits.
■ Broadcast live
Relying on the TCP/IP network, the site real-time site-to-point and point-to-point group will be published in full HD format to audio and video playback terminals, on-demand Internet or local area network video resources, and broadcast to any audio and video player terminals in the local area network in a single point or in groups. Support HTTP on demand protocol.
■ Equipment Management
All audio and video playback terminals can perform pre-mode setting and remote management. Both audio and video broadcasts from the server can be forced or cut in real time, and the connected display device can be automatically activated or turned off in an unattended state ( Such as projectors, liquid crystal display terminals, audio, etc.)
■ Media Management
Strong database support, fast uploading means, single or batch upload audio and high-definition video files, audio and video playback support MP3, MOV, AVI, TS stream and other mainstream formats.

Fifth. IP Digital Broadcasting System

1, the composition of the main equipment



2, the main business functions
■ Basic functions
Contains automatic ringing, background music playback, leadership speeches, broadcast announcements, and more.
■ Wireless remote control
In the range of 2000 meters, the remote control can be used to remotely control the national anthem, gymnastics, athletes' marching and other real-time broadcasts in any range of the school;
■ Real-time broadcast
External audio (deck, CD, radio, microphone, etc.) connected to the audio server is compressed into a high-quality data stream in real time, and broadcast data is sent through the campus network. Digital broadcasting terminals installed in different classrooms can receive and pass the built-in speaker in real time. Play it.
■ Group, point play
The system can set up any number of groups to play the established audio program, or broadcast speech to any specified area; the service software can remotely control the playback content (demarcating zone play) and volume of each terminal.
■  In the classroom, control, broadcasting, video all in one.
Only a single idste device is required inside the podium to realize all-in-one network audio and video playback terminals for central control, broadcast, and video terminals. Only one pair of speakers is required to reduce the repeated investment of equipment.

Sixth. Remote air conditioning management terminal

1 Overview:

(1) Education consumes a lot of electricity for air conditioning. Air conditioning is still working when there are often no classrooms. The air conditioning can be turned off 20 minutes before class. Avoid the effects of cold and heat on student body.
(2) Arbitrarily adjust the air conditioner temperature. If the temperature of the air-conditioner in the summer is adjusted to a very low level, not only energy is wasted, but also the comfort is poor, which is the main reason for the occurrence of “air-conditioning disease”.
(3) Response to the "Energy Saving and Low Carbon" Environmental Protection Initiative. The potential for air conditioning is very high. If the room temperature is increased by 2°C or even 3°C, 1 kWh is equivalent to saving 0.4 kg of standard coal and 4 liters of purified water, while reducing 0.272 kg of carbon dust and 0.997 kg of carbon dioxide. The emission of 0.03 kilograms of sulphur dioxide is entirely decisive for relieving the “electricity shortage”. All of these require unified management.
(4) iDste air-conditioning management is a kind of solution to solve the technical problem of overheating air-conditioning in school classrooms.

2, the basic principle

●  Adopting wireless data transmission technology to link with the embedded network central control host, eliminating the need for cabling or modification of the line;
●  Remote detection of air conditioner usage status based on TCP/IP network and remote control and monitoring
●  The air conditioner can also be controlled by authorizing the use of the local iDste 


ac ins.png


Seventh, plan list configuration


Device name

Brand model


Fusion system Software



Fusion system server

Dell or IBM


Live video workstation



Multimedia Classroom

Intelligent information fusion terminal



Multimedia fixed impedance speaker

40-150WFixed impedance speaker


Digital broadcasting system section

Digital Audio Broadcast workstation






Network broadcast terminal(Wall-mounted)General Classroom&Multimedia Classroom

iDste BC-02


Indoor fixed resistance speakerGeneral Classroom&Multimedia Classroom


Network broadcast terminal(Wall-mounted)


Network broadcast terminal(Cabinet)

iDste BC-01


Constant pressure amplifier

Configure the amount of power according to the environment


Outdoor waterproof column

Configure the amount of power according to the environment


Digital broadcast workstation

iDste USB-KEY01


Gooseneck condenser microphone



Handheld wireless microphone



DVD player


IoT equipment section

LED screen terminal

iDste  LC-01


Remote air conditioning management terminal

iDste  KC-601