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iDste cooperates with Longgang District with quality projects to improve the quality of private education

2016-10-17 06:29:43 Source:


 Shenzhen Experimental Chenghan School is one of the largest private schools in Longgang District. In 2016, it received a total of more than RMB 9 million in subsidies for the promotion of equipment and facilities for private schools in the municipal government. The school leaders attached great importance to this and formed a project team led by teaching, informatization and logistics. The batch of projects involved involved 23 projects. Conduct inspections and research. The iDste Tri-Network Integration System is one of the key research projects of this year. With its strong technical strength and efficient solutions, the iDste Tri-Network Integration (Centralized Control, Digital IP Broadcasting, High-definition, Direct Broadcast and IoT) system has successfully passed the assessment. It was installed during the summer vacation and successfully passed acceptance in the recent days. The stable and grounded gas application program has been highly recognized by schools and higher authorities.


 On October 12, 2016, the Education Bureau of Longgang District, Shenzhen hosted the "Private School School Support, Master Training and Funding Work Experience Sharing Meeting", and iDste's overall system and solutions were highly attended by participating schools and leaders. Identity. The iDste triple play system refers to an intelligent management system that integrates and integrates campus audiovisual equipment in one system, an IP broadcast system for digital campuses, intelligent broadcast of high-definition programs on campus TVs, a live broadcast system, and IoT system.


According to Longgang District, the “Three-year Action Plan for Upgrading Private Schools in Longgang District (2016-2018) has been formulated and implemented in four aspects: school conditions, teaching staff, school management, and quality assessment. It has been significantly improved through three years of hard work. The conditions for running schools and the quality of education in private schools. iDste will also contribute its own modest contribution to this "Dongjin" strategy.