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iDste Fusion IoT System Successfully Operated at Shenzhen Futian Education Group - Hongling Group

2016-12-27 03:31:54 Source: iDste


  Shenzhen Hongling Education Group is the largest public education group in Futian and even Shenzhen. It is also the most powerful public key high school in Shenzhen and the fifth largest brand-name high school in Shenzhen.


Recently, the iDste Fusion IoT System successfully passed the acceptance of the expert team of the Middle School of Hongling Middle School. The acceptance team unanimously affirmed iDste's highly integrated and easy-to-use digital business module. With the advanced fusion system, the school can easily and uniformly manage campus audio-visual equipment, digital broadcasting, campus TV stations, and air-conditioning lighting. The iDste fusion system was able to land on the Shenzhen Hongling Group, further demonstrating the practicability and superior advancement of the iDste product's grounding gas. On the same day, iDste technicians provided very meticulous training to the participating teachers. We believe that iDste's advanced and stable products and systems will definitely improve the efficiency of the school's management and teaching!